San Diego Vacation

Ok, I admit it, it has been quiet here on the blog. Although I do have some weddings, this time of year is nothing like the every-weekend-madness of summer and fall. Winter in Virginia is the perfect time for me to think back on the previous year, rest, plan for upcoming weddings, and best of all, to take a vacation!

That's just what we did. Hannah and I and our 15-month-old son Nathaniel headed to San Diego, California. This was Nathaniel's first time on a plane and with him being so young, we were extremely pleased with how well he did. We're pretty sure we weren't the bane of anyone's existence while in the air.

Our primary reason to visit San Diego was to visit friends, and they did a great job of showing us around all the sights. We had six packed days and saw the San Diego Zoo, Coronado, La Jolla, and our favorite, a sunset over the ocean! For an east coast native like me, that was a first.

Fun fact, I took my beautiful, large, DSLR camera with me...and never once used it. I love photos, and sure, the images I got aren't perfect, but my phone camera was enough this time. It's just so much easier! I wanted to make sure I was truly taking time off and enjoying people. All images and video below were shot on the Google Pixel (except for the underwater shots, those were on a GoPro).

Hannah and I love the east coast, especially Virginia. You can't beat the incredible change of seasons and the mix of city, beach, and mountains all within a few hours. However, we loved the chance to escape the cold and visit sunny San Diego!