Mason Neck Engagement Session | Mike and Jenna

mason neck state park engagement session

Mike and Jenna are getting married this April and I could not be more excited to photograph their wedding, especially after their engagement session! These two are just plain awesome. 

First the setting. Being from an area with beaches, Mike and Jenna wanted to highlight some aspect of water, the beach and the outdoors. They were visiting family in Northern Virginia so I suggested we head over to Mason Neck State Park, which sits right along the Potomac River and Belmont Bay.

Even though it was winter this was a beautiful park. The day was warm enough, not like the crazy cold plunges we've had lately! Some trees still retained their dark orange-brown leaves, but most were on the forest floor, creating a wonderful contrast with the green rhododendron and shrubs. 

From the very beginning, Mike and Jenna were easy to photograph. The did exactly what I hope for; they had fun! Over our time I got to see them interact in a very natural way, which tells a lot about the strong relationship they have built. That gets me pumped for their wedding day!