Shenandoah National Park Wedding | Chris and Clare

National Park Wedding Photographer

What I loved about Chris and Clare’s wedding day was that so very little of it was ordinary and so very much of it was unique to them!

First the venue. Being adventurers and lovers of national parks, they knew that having their wedding at Skyland Resort in the Shenandoah National Park would be perfect. From their first look on a hiking trail to capturing epic landscape portraits at overlooks to their ceremony with a view, nature was central. Even the backdrop for Clare getting ready in her room had a stunning view overlooking the valley!

But more important than nature were the people in Chris and Clare’s lives. Chris’ two young kids played a role throughout the day and it was important to this new family of four that they celebrate the wedding as a family. Clare’s mom and friends helped her prepare in the morning and it was a team effort that brought forth the stunning flowers and bouquets found at the ceremony and reception.

But one of the most unique aspects of the day for me was seeing Clare wear a completely non-traditional dress. She chose not the standard white wedding dress, but a stunning, blue dress adorned with gold designs of galaxies, planets, and much more that sparkled in the sun. It was a perfect match with her spiral galaxy ring.

To sum it all up, when I asked Chris and Clare what was one thing about marriage that they were most excited about, Chris responded, “For me, being married to Clare is an obvious step on the road. Nothing really changes from my perspective – I’d love her more every day regardless of a big party and a piece of paper. But now people will see us truly as one, and we can use that to help us move forward in life with what we want to do and who we want to be.”

Enjoy the photo story below, and thank you to these wonderful vendors for a terrific experience!

Venue - Skyland Resort
DJ - Mixed Element Entertainment
Guitar music - Matthew Mills
Cake - Bijou’s Sweet Treats
Officiant - Sacred Celebrations
Dress - Tadashi Shoji