The Venetian New Jersey | Neel and Chandni

The Venetian New Jersey Indian Wedding

It's the heart of wedding season, with a wedding nearly every weekend! As I drove up to New Jersey, finishing an audio book along the way, I got getting excited not just to shoot another wedding, but to celebrate and capture Neel and Chandni's story.

Neel and Chandni's wedding at The Venetian in New Jersey was one long amazing weekend party, starting with the garba on Friday night all the way through the ceremony Saturday afternoon. Their venue, the Venetian, is an incredible location with a huge ballroom filled with stunning chandeliers and plenty of neat areas for photos. The mandap was decorated with teardrop glass ornaments, each holding a candle, suspended from a set of four trees. It was the perfect setting.

There were so many great parts to the weekend. I always look forward to the food which is invariably spicy (it knocks my socks off a little) but always delicious. I loved the photos that showed the relationship between Chandni, her Mom, and her sister. Seeing the parents give away their children is impactful and a wonderful moment to capture. But most of all, I'm blessed to have had the chance to get to know Neel and Chandni, two of the kindest people I've worked with, and their family, who made me feel like of one their own. 

Enjoy their photo story below!